Your Neighbors


Neighborhood Volunteers

Donating the gifts of time, energy, and personal resources
for the greater common good of our community

    Adam Kilborn – professional arborist materials & services   
    Barry Puhlovski – painting, odd jobs, & snow removal
    Doan Nguyen – garage sale items   
    Cecilia Evans – landscaping
    Nhiem Tran – landscaping, odd jobs, & garage sale items
    Gary Christopher – maintenance, landscaping, & organizing

Not pictured
    Don & Mitsuyo Wells – painting, plants, & garage sale items
    Rob Glenn – garage sale items
    Reggie LeMire – plants & garage sale items
    Gerald Swanson – landscaping
    Frances Baldridge – garage sale items
    Eileen DeSoto – plants & gardening tips
    Teresa Hering – tools, supplies, & garage sale items

If you have an idea or gift you’d like to share, please contact the resident manager